Common Drainage Problems

Too much water on your property can be just as bad as having no water at all.

Drainage is a very important factor involved with your landscape. Standing water, erosion on hills, and gutter downspouts are all examples of issues that could damage or even kill plant and turf material.

Mid South Irrigation and Landscape can help you with any type of drainage problem you have. Our experts will consult you and come up with creative ideas at a reasonable price.

Gutters and Downspouts:   When you have gutters and down spouts that are not running away from your house by pipe, it can cause water to stand around the foundation and get into your crawl space.. Also if you have no gutters at all, it can cause water to stand and seep into your crawl space.

Erosion of Ground and Hillsides:   Erosion is usually caused by large amounts of water in one area in a short time, water that is naturally channeled into paths of least resistance, slopes with minimal vegetation to help hold soils, drainage ditches with minimal or no vegetation, and numerous other things.

Low Areas: There might be low areas against your patio, house, or in the yard. Those areas can be a mosquito breeding grounds, and cause damage to your property.

Elevation Around The Foundation of Your Home

Memphis irrigation companyInstead of water running off away from your house, water could be pooling around the foundation of your house. This could be due to water erosion affection the slope and elevation around your foundation over time. Or it could be a result of poor grading when your house was built.

Whatever the cause may be, pooling water around the foundation can be disastrous for your house. The water will eventually damage drywall, floors and leave your foundation in rough condition. At first you may not think much about the pooling water, but it will cause significant issues in the future if it’s not corrected.

This is certainly an issue we need to address for homes and landscapes in Memphis, since we have a considerable amount of rainfall each year. Memphis receives 53 inches of rain each year on average. If that water sits around the edges of your house, then you will certainly begin to experience structural damage from the water.

It’s best to fix this issue now before it costs you more in the future. And since we get so much rain in Memphis, you know it’s not going away, so it’s best to address the issue.

So, how can this be corrected?

One solution is to grade around your house so the water is able to run off away from your house. This will allow your house to be elevated above your yard so water stop pooling. Another solution is have us install a drainage system to move water away from your home. This can typically be done with a catch basin and pipe.

We can also evaluate drainage from gutters and design a plan for your gutter system to move water away from your house more effectively.

Evaluating Gutter Spouts and Water Flow

Memphis irrigation companyHave you ever noticed your gutters dumping water over the edges rather than moving through downspouts? When gutters get filled with debris, such as leaves and twigs, water cannot effectively move from your roof to your yard and then away from your house structure. Instead, water dumps over the edges and lands where it shouldn’t.

As we mentioned above, Memphis gets a considerable amount of rainfall each year. In fact, Memphis receives about 37% more rain than the national average. So taking care of our gutters is extremely important for keeping water from damaging our houses.

How can we correct this?

We can come evaluate your gutter system and lawn grading to see where you have issues and determine the best solution. We’ll customize your gutter system so water effectively moves away from your home and doesn’t pool anywhere.

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