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About Us

Welcome to Mid South Irrigation and Landscape!


We’re a full-service irrigation and landscaping company that strives to meet all of your landscape wants and needs.

Designing your dream landscape project is our top priority. We treat each client as the head of their own project — our team will create a design based on your specific needs and ideas. In order to best bring your vision to life, we focus on thoughtfully designing every aspect of your landscape with great attention to detail. 

About Jesse Wisley, Owner and President

Jesse Wisley, owner of Mid South Irrigation has continued to improve and gain invaluable experience since he entered the landscaping industry in 2008. These experiences have shown him how to properly provide custom landscaping solutions, and how to always do things the right way.

When you begin a landscape project with Mid South Irrigation, you are beginning a landscape project with Jesse himself. Jesse only takes on 2-3 projects at a time in order to ensure maximum service is provided to his clients. Throughout the duration of your landscaping project with Jesse, you will develop a personal relationship with him, and will always be able to contact him directly. You can trust that Jesse will focus all of his energy on providing you with the best possible solution. 

Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

All of our employees are covered under workers' compensation insurance. Our licenses include a Home Improvement Contractors License and two licensed Backflow Device Testers for the state of Tennessee.

Excellent Customer Service

Mid South Irrigation’s customer service experience is unmatched in the landscaping industry. We ensure each project is completed with clear communication, quality work, and timely execution — every time, every day.

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No matter what kind of landscaping project you’re looking to start, Mid South Irrigation can help. With our team of landscape experts, we can help you turn your vision for your outdoor space into a reality. Call us today for a consultation!

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Hear From a Customer

I'm not in the habit of doing this, but after what I've experienced in the last 7 months, I thought it warranted it. I have been working on a complete renovation of my home for over 7 months. I have had to deal with at least 15 contractors during that time. I can't tell you the frustrations I've had, simply because it seems no one does what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. I've encountered delay after delay because of this, costing me significant dollars, not to mention the sub-par quality that most contractors seem to accept as the norm and the additional delays I've had having to get contractors back to fix their shoddy work.

You, and your crew for Mid South are literally THE exception. From the first call I had setting up our initial appointment, through the quote process, through the actual installation and follow up, you have always exceeded my expectation. You not only kept your commitments, you actually were early in a couple of cases. I just wanted to thank you, Casey and your crew for doing a great job, and for giving me a glimmer of hope that there are still contractors that care and that strive to do a good job.

— Donnie Steward

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