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Tired of pesky mosquitos ruining your summer fun? Life really does bite in the Mid South if you don't take precautions to ward off these bugs!

The hot, humid climate of the Mid South is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, and can easily ruin your outdoor experience unless you take proper precautions. At Mid South Irrigation, we are here to help take away the menace of these blood-sucking pests, and keep your family safe. Thankfully, our anti mosquito unit can help. Our anti mosquito system is an effective solution to rid your property of the buzzing blood-suckers. Our system attaches to your sprinkler system to effectivley treat the landscape where these pests bread. It not only kills mosquitos, but also kills fleas, ticks, spiders, flies, gnats, ants, chiggers and more.


Let us provide you with a free quote to take care of your mosquito problem today so you can fully enjoy life without being bugged, literally! 


Q & A

How does an anti mosquito system work on a sprinkler system?
  • An anti mosquito system for a lawn sprinkler system works by installing a tank that we fill with natural insecticide solution to distrubute through the already existing irrigation pipes. This solution contains a natural insecticide that targets and kills mosquito larvae before they can mature into adult mosquitoes. The solution is added to the sprinkler system through a special attachment that can be easily installed on most standard sprinkler systems. Once added, the solution will be distributed throughout the irrigation system after each watering cycle. As the natural insecticide is sprayed onto the lawn or garden, it will also be treating the area for mosquitoes. The tank will typically hold 60 days of solution, at which point it will need to be refilled to maintain its effectiveness.

What are three benefits of installing an anti mosquito unit on a sprinkler system?
  1. Reduced mosquito population: An anti-mosquito unit on a sprinkler system can release a small amount of larvicide, which can help to reduce the mosquito population in the area by killing the larvae before they hatch.

  2. Minimizes health risks: Mosquitoes are known to carry a variety of diseases such as West Nile virus, dengue fever, and malaria. By reducing the mosquito population, an anti-mosquito unit can help to minimize the health risks to people living in the area.

  3. Convenience: An anti-mosquito unit can be integrated into an existing sprinkler system, making it easy to use and maintain. This can save time and effort compared to using separate mosquito control methods.

What are 5 top reasons mosquitos are dangerous?
  1. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and Zika virus to humans.

  2. They can also transmit heartworm to dogs and other domestic animals.

  3. Mosquitoes can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals.

  4. They can negatively impact outdoor activities and overall quality of life.

  5. Mosquitoes can also have an economic impact by reducing tourism and outdoor commerce.


Installing an anti-mosquito system on your sprinkler system is an easy and effective way to protect yourself, your family, and your property from the dangers of mosquitoes. Not only will it provide peace of mind, it will also help prevent the spread of diseases, reduce allergic reactions and protect your pets. It's a small investment that will pay off in the long run, by allowing you and your family to enjoy your outdoor spaces without the annoyance of mosquitoes. Don't wait any longer, install an anti-mosquito system on your sprinkler system today!


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