3 Creative Ways to Hide Your A/C Unit or Trash Can

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3 Ways to Hide Your A/C Unit or Trash Can

Though air conditioning units and trash cans are essential parts of our daily lives, they aren’t the most beautiful parts of our homes. Do you feel as if these pieces of equipment are taking away from the beauty of your landscaping design? You’re not alone. Many homeowners are looking for ways to hide their air conditioning unit and/or trash can. Luckily, our team at Mid South Irrigation has developed a few creative ways to help bring more beauty and value to your home through hiding the unwanted view of equipment around your home.

1. Privacy Landscaping for Your A/C Unit or Trash Can

One of the best ways to hide your air conditioning unit and trash can is to invest in privacy landscaping. The best thing about installing privacy landscaping is that it can be custom designed to fit right into your home’s exterior beauty. That’s right - privacy landscaping isn’t just intended for backyard swimming pools and patios. There are a variety of other ways to incorporate privacy landscaping into your home, including hiding equipment in your yard.

Privacy Landscaping in Memphis

Our team of landscaping experts is dedicated to providing you with every piece of advice to help make your home more beautiful. From irrigation installation to privacy landscaping, we can do it all. Over the years, we’ve found a few easy and creative ways to help our customers hide their air conditioning units and trash cans, including:

Tall Shrubs and Trees

Ornamental grasses, evergreen trees, and other tall shrubs are only a few of the popular plants that work for the privacy and security of your home. Did you know the strength of evergreens can help protect your equipment in the midst of severe and dangerous weather? With the help of larger shrubs and trees, your air conditioning unit and trash cans will be less noticeable and more protected.


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Large Potted Plants and Containers

If you aren’t interested in planting new landscaping around your equipment, there are other options for you. Potted plants and containers are a customizable and mobile way to hide your air conditioning unit and/or trash can. No matter the season of the year, you have the freedom to customize your potted plants around your home. 

2. Privacy Walls or Fences Around Your A/C Unit or Trash Can

Though landscaping with plants for privacy is a very common theme in the Mid South, it’s not the only way to hide your air conditioning unit or trash can. There are multiple other landscaping techniques to bring even more value to your home, including privacy walls and fences. Fences and walls can be built around the area your units and equipment are stored near your house. Both of these types of structures can be customized to the style of your home, making the entire area more discreet.

Outdoor Plant Wall

Privacy Walls and Fences in Memphis

If you are looking for advice and recommendations for privacy walls and fences around your A/C unit and trash can, look no further than Mid South Irrigation. Many of our customers have been interested in bringing more privacy to their home. Our team of landscaping experts can help design a custom privacy wall and fence plan for your home. 

Plant and Vine Walls

If your privacy wall or fence is becoming a bit bland, consider incorporating a few beautiful flowers and vines into the design. Whether you want simple greenery or colorful flowers, our team can help bring your lattice wall dreams to life.


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3. Custom Structures Near Your A/C Unit or Trash Can

If you are looking for a completely custom design to hide your equipment, there are a multitude of ways to do so. Because every home is different in style and landscape design, custom structures are a great way to incorporate the visions you have for your home’s exterior. A personalized structure allows you to let your imagination and creativity play into the landscape design of your home.

Custom Structures in Memphis

When it comes to custom structures, the sky's the limit for creativity. Our team loves partnering with customers to help design a structure that suits your home. From customized lattice boxes to brand new structure ideas, we can help you accomplish your plans.

Lattice Boxes

Lattice boxes are a very common way to make air conditioner and other equipment more discreet by surrounding the perimeter of units. The most important thing to remember about lattice boxes is that they must give your air conditioning unit enough space and shade. Allowing one foot of space between your custom structure and the equipment is a great way to keep your units running efficiently throughout each season.


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Privacy Landscaping at Mid South Irrigation

If you are interested in revamping the area surrounding your air conditioning unit or trash can, there are a variety of ways to do so. From privacy landscaping to custom structures, our team at Mid South Irrigation can help transform your space with our professional landscaping services. 


Contact us today for more information on custom structures and privacy landscaping. Ready to get started on your project? Request a quote from our team.



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