3 Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Summertime

What can you do to get your yard ready for summer?

Summer is just around the corner, and we’re looking forward to the time when warm weather will arrive in Memphis and the Mid-South. To keep your yard looking fresh and ready for guests, outdoor entertaining, and summer playtime with the fam, here are a few things you can do now to encourage green and healthy grass.


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1. Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn is one of the most important steps in the lawn prepping process. Aeration allows your yard to absorb moisture and fertilizer which help ensure the health of your grass. Without aeration, the tightly packed soil just beneath the surface of the ground will not be able to soften or serve as an ideal habitat for lush greenery.


How do you aerate your lawn?

Aerating your lawn is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with these quick and easy steps.

Step 1: Water Your Lawn

Before aerating your lawn, the first thing you need to do is water it for several days leading up to the aeration stage. Water will soften the soil and make it easier to aerate your lawn and allow the soil to better absorb vitamins and nutrients from compost and fertilizer.

Step 2: Prepare Your Lawn

After you’ve watered your lawn for a few days leading up to aeration, place a layer of compost over the ground that will be absorbed into the soil during the aeration process. This will encourage new growth of healthy, vibrant soil, which makes the perfect breeding ground for a beautiful lawn.

Step 3: Aerate Your Lawn

When it’s time to aerate the lawn, you can use a number of tools. Lawn aerators make aerating your lawn relatively easy, and some hardware and home improvement stores even make them available to rent for hours or days at a time. There are a variety of different types of aerators on the market, but all can effectively prepare your lawn for summer. Here’s what you need to know about the various types of aerators.


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2. Fertilize Your Lawn

Once the aeration process is done, it’s time to fertilize your lawn. It’s recommended that you apply fertilizer within 48 hours after aerating in order to allow water, fertilizer, and compost to infiltrate the soil deep beneath the surface.


What type of fertilizer should I use?

What type of fertilizer you should choose will depend on your ideal lawn, the composition of your soil, your geographic location, and more. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a fertilizer for your lawn.


How do I choose the right fertilizer?

Before choosing a fertilizer, conduct a soil test to determine the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium currently within. A soil test which let you know which nutrients are lacking and will allow you to make an informed decision about what type of fertilizer to purchase depending on which nutrients your lawn will need more of. When it’s time to purchase a fertilizer, consider the following:

Granular Fertilizer

Granular fertilizer is the most popular type of fertilizer available. Many people enjoy it’s convenience and ease of use, since granular fertilizers can be spread by hand (with gloves, of course), or with spreading tools that allow you to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid fertilizers are another popular option, but they do require more time and effort since you’ll need to use either a garden hose or a water sprinkler to apply the fertilizer.

Synthetic vs. Organic Fertilizer

While synthetic fertilizers are obviously created using synthetic materials and chemicals, organic fertilizers are composed of naturally-occurring compounds. While both synthetic and organic fertilizers offer benefits, synthetic fertilizers tend to work faster and keep your lawn greener for longer with less feeding and watering.


What type of fertilizer is safe for pets and kids?

If you’re a pet owner or a parent, you’ll want to make sure to avoid any synthetic or organic fertilizers that have chemicals. Even fertilizers labelled as organic may contain synthetic compounds and chemicals that are toxic when ingested by people or animals. Choose only fertilizers that are safe for use around pets and kids and supervise outdoor playtimes to avoid potential exposure to dangerous substances.  

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are an easy and convenient way to fertilize your lawn without the use of chemicals. Plus, they’re free! If your lawn mower has a bagging attachment, or if you’re able to purchase one, simply spread the grass clippings around your yard to return the natural nutrients back to the earth.

Compost or Manure

Compost and manure are organic fertilizers which can help your lawn flourish beautifully. The downside, of course, is that you’ll want to ensure pets and kids don’t have access to the smelly and messy substance.

Seaweed Fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizer offers a safe alternative to synthetic fertilizers loaded with chemicals. Seaweed fertilizer is available at most hardware and home improvement stores in both granular and liquid formulas. Seaweed fertilizers tend to have an alkaline makeup which neutralizes acidic soil, so while it’s not ideal for gardens, it works wonders for plants and landscaping.

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3. Install an Irrigation System to Conserve Water

Once your lawn is aerated and fertilized, an irrigation system can help you conserve water and save time when it comes to watering sessions. If you dread having to drag a garden hose across your lawn multiple times per day, an irrigation system also offers convenience. In addition to conserving water, here are a couple more reasons to consider investing in an irrigation system.

An irrigation system takes the guesswork out of watering your lawn.

An irrigation system offers many benefits, but by far one of the best is the ability to create patterns which are ideal for your lawn and landscaping. An automatic irrigation system takes the guesswork out of watering your lawn because it can be set up and adjusted to water when it’s ideal for the type of lawn and seed you’re trying to grow.

An irrigation system helps keep your lawn looking green and gorgeous.

Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of a beautiful lawn is the need to water it multiple times per day. If you’re really hoping for the Yard of the Month Award, it will take more than a couple of watering sessions a week to get your lawn looking gorgeous. Rather than spending your mornings and evenings watering grass, your irrigation system can do the work and allow you to take care of more important things, so your lawn can be watered even when you’re at work or away from home.


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