4 Reasons to Invest in an Irrigation System

Outdoor SprinklerThe Advantages of Irrigation Systems

If you’re interested in improving the overall appearance of your home, an irrigation system will be worth your investment. With a multitude of features and benefits, irrigation systems provide the correct amount of water your landscaping needs in order to thrive. Whether you are looking to provide dry patches with more attention and care, if you like the idea of saving time and money, or if you want to add value to your home, an irrigation system could be the answer. 


Why should I invest in an irrigation system?

Once upon a time, irrigation systems were essential agricultural tools farmers relied on. In today’s world, they are an essential for homeowners and facility managers around the world. For many people, sprinklers are no longer cutting it, and individuals are turning to irrigation systems to meet their needs. No matter the size of your outdoor space, an irrigation system can improve the overall quality of landscaping. 

1. Irrigation Systems Save Time

Time is money, and irrigation systems can save you both. An irrigation system can be automated to prevent the need to spend a significant amount of time watering flowers, sod, etc. Instead of spending hours trying to evenly water your yard and/or garden, allow your irrigation system to do the work for you, so you can spend time with friends and family rather than with your watering hose and sprinklers.. 

Outdoor Sprinkler

With innovative technology, MidSouth Irrigation provides our customers with products from well-known and reliable providers of irrigation systems: Hunter and Rain Bird. Both of these providers allow individuals to control their irrigation systems through their smartphone and offer custom components for an automated system created for individual needs and desires. 


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2. Irrigation Systems Save Money

Over and underwatering your landscape can cause you to spend more money than you really need to. With an automated irrigation system, you don’t have to worry about wasting energy and money while watering your outdoor spaces. Even if you aren’t concerned about conserving water, you’ll be glad to see your water payment go down in the future. 

Signs of underwatering

During dry seasons, it’s important to water your grass enough in order to save time and money in the future. Signs of underwatering include: 

  • Stunted growth

  • Dry soilMan With a Waterhose

  • Footprint marks

Signs of overwatering

One mistake homeowners often make is overwatering their lawn. Although some may think it is better to overwater than underwater, it’s important to know there are risks to both. Overwatering not only wastes time and money; it isn’t good for the environment either. Water conservation is a critical subject for homeowners to be aware of, especially if they want a healthy yard. Signs of overwatering include: 

  • Thatch build up

  • Fungus growth

  • Pest presence


3. Irrigation Systems are Convenient

While saving time and money, irrigation systems make your life a whole lot easier and more convenient. For many people, sprinklers are only an option if you’re able to stay at home for long periods of time to prevent overwatering. Irrigation systems solve that problem. You will now be able to leave home when you want without worrying about your yard. Instead, your system will conveniently water your lawn at the right time with the right amount of water. Getting rid of one more hassle in your life like lawn care will allow you to spend more time doing what you love.

Professional Landscaping

4. Irrigation Systems Add Value to Your Home

One significant benefit to investing in an irrigation system is the increase in home value you may receive. Because these automated systems provide homeowners with many benefits, the value of your home is likely to rise due to the investment. If you decide to sell your home, a professional, automated irrigation system can add significant value, and there's a good chance it will more than pay for itself. Curb appeal is a critical factor to consider while selling your home, and a beautiful landscape can help improve the exterior appearance of your home.


Irrigation Systems at Mid South Irrigation

The team at Mid South Irrigation wants to provide our customers with the best products and services to ensure beautiful and well-maintained landscaping. With customizable systems and irrigation maintenance programs, we will have your lawn looking more beautiful in no time. Save huge and invest in an irrigation system today! Our irrigation system services include: 

  • Updates and restoration of broken parts

  • Professional guidance and advice on irrigation systems

  • System shutdowns and turn ons 

  • More 


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If you’re interested in investing in an irrigation system, contact us today to set up a consultation for landscaping design or irrigation system installation in Memphis!

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