7 Reasons We Recommend Hunter Irrigation Systems

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While there are a multitude of irrigation system brands on the market, our team at Mid South Irrigation and Landscape believes in using only the best. Hunter irrigation systems are without a doubt one of the best on the market and provide homeowners with convenient and efficient ways to keep their lawn beautiful all year round. With cutting-edge technology and innovative products, Hunter’s irrigation systems have continued to be world-class competitors in the irrigation industry. 

7 Advantages of Using a Hunter Irrigation System

For years, Mid South Irrigation and Landscape has worked to provide top-notch irrigation systems to each of our customers. No matter where you live or work, we know Hunter’s high-end residential and commercial irrigation systems will help you to maintain the beauty of your lawn. Read on to find out why we continue to use and recommend Hunter irrigation systems.

1. Mobile Device / Remote Control Irrigation Systems

Over the years, it has become incredibly important for industries to improve and adapt to modern technology. We want to provide our customers with easy and effective ways to control their irrigation systems. One major advantage of using a Hunter irrigation system is the ability to control your irrigation system with a remote. Not only are these remotes incredibly Irrigation System Mobile Appeffective and convenient, but they can also be connected to your mobile device, allowing you to control your irrigation system from any place at any time, even if you’re at work, on vacation, etc.. 

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2. Fixed and Adjustable Spray Nozzles for Your Irrigation System

Selecting the right type of spray nozzle is an incredibly important step to building a successful irrigation system. With a diverse product selection on the market, Hunter also offers a wide range of spray nozzles for every need. Because we can customize your irrigation system, our team will help you choose the perfect spray nozzle to meet all of your needs. Spray nozzle selections include:

  • Adjustable
  • Specialty
  • Fixed 

3. Weather Sensing Irrigation Systems

Because Hunter irrigation systems work for customers all over the world, their technology must be adaptable to different weather and climate conditions. With more than 10 unique sensors, customers from every climate can rest assured their lawn will be well taken care of by a Hunter weather sensor. From freezing rain to strong winds, these sensors work to pick up any indication that normal irrigation routines may be interrupted. As an irrigation and landscape company in the South, we know the weather can be unpredictable all year long. Therefore, we recommend Hunter irrigation sensors to prevent any irrigation issues from arising. 

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Irrigation System for Yard

4. Diverse Product Selection

Here at Mid South Irrigation and Landscape, we understand each of our customers has unique needs and desires for their irrigation systems. Luckily, Hunter offers products that work in a multitude of environments, making the selection and installation process even easier for you. We are proud to carry a brand that is passionate about meeting the needs of every type of customer and location, including:

  • Football stadiums
  • Home lawns
  • City parks
  • Golf courses
  • More 

5. Customizable Irrigation Systems

Because of Hunter’s diverse product selection, our team is proud to offer each of our customers the opportunity to customize their own irrigation system. Our large list of unique clients gives us the opportunity to work with different irrigation environments, providing us with a chance to review and understand how to customize irrigation systems for your needs.  

6. Irrigation System Warranty Program

Another reason we continue using and recommending Hunter irrigation systems is the warranty program they offer. Although Hunter systems do not fail often, technology can have a mind of its own. Warranty programs are great assets for investments such as irrigation systems. Luckily, Hunter provides each customer with a warranty program to ensure any issues will be quickly taken care of. 

7. Brand Authority

Investing in irrigation systems can get expensive, so it’s important to understand which brands are prominent and trustworthy in this industry. Because Hunter Industries has been around for decades, their team has worked to update and improve products for customers all over the globe. Hunter Industries prides itself on being a global leader in the irrigation industry, offering only the highest quality products on the market. With over 200 patents, Hunter systems provide any customer with the products they may need to keep their landscape beautiful.

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Hunter Irrigation Systems at Mid South Irrigation

Here at Mid South Irrigation and Landscape, we are passionate about providing only top of the line products and services to each of our customers. We want to help make your landscaping even more beautiful, and investing in a Hunter irrigation system can help do the job. With effective and efficient technology, Hunter systems have continued to impress our customers by making lawn work easier. If you are interested in investing in a Hunter irrigation system, contact us today for a quote. 


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