Memphis Landscape Design 101: How to Turn Ideas into Plans


Memphis Landscape Design 101: How to Turn Ideas into Plans

When you first consider a landscaping project, your mind tends to wander in a lot of directions.

  • What if I had a flower bed there?
  • What if I had a nice patio here?
  • How would it look if we centered our backyard around a firepit?

While abstract ideas come into your mind, it is an entirely different story when you want to make those dreams into plans. Often, there are new ideas out there that you have not even considered; or, there may be limitations to your land that make your ideas more challenging to implement.

Taking your daydreams to paper can sometimes become a little more complicated without the help of a Memphis landscaping professional. Landscapers can take the full vision you have, look at the land you are working with, and offer a comprehensive plan to move forward.

If you are considering a landscape overhaul in the new year, do more than just dream – make it happen!

To guide your process for a new yard, follow our guide below. Even if you don’t have a vision in mind just yet, we can walk you through every step to give you a beautiful yard for your home, business, or other property in 2018.


Define the Landscape Feel

Memphis landscaping ideas

When you picture how you want your land or yard to be presented, what do you think of first? Often, people who use their backyard to unwind at the end of a long day seek a serene retreat, where they can peacefully enjoy their quiet time. 

Other clients seek a space that extends their current living space, perfect for entertaining and parties, while still making it feel part of the home. Words that come to mind are festive, bright, welcoming, and laidback for the atmosphere. 

If you are seeking work for a business or for your front yard, you are likely in need of a yard that shows well, presenting a beautiful property to the rest of the world. For your Memphis home, this can increase curb appeal – and, therefore, property value – and for your business, landscaped surroundings can impress customers, attract new clients, and make your Memphis business seem more polished and legitimate.

When you think about your landscaping project, what words come to mind? To get started on your planning, we encourage you to make a quick list. Write down five to ten adjectives you think of when you picture your new yard. 

Are you seeking a wow-factor? A space that is safe and fun for kids to enjoy? Perhaps you want a yard that is beautiful, yet low maintenance. Consider your lifestyle, what is practical for you, and what makes you excited about your new space. 

Get a Vision For Your Memphis Landscape

When you close your eyes and picture your new, landscaped space, what do you see?

As much as landscaping is technical, it also requires an artistic aesthetic. Having a vision for your space is important. 

If you are skilled at putting your ideas to paper, give sketching a try. Look at your land, consider what could make it look better, and add in your ideas. Sometimes, these ideas can give the right amount of direction and inspiration when the time comes to landscape.

Are you less than artistic and think your sketches could only make things more complicated? Don’t worry. There is an entire industry out there dedicated to inspiring you and helping in your landscape planning process.

For instance, Pinterest or Houzz are online platforms that allow you to browse landscape projects from across the globe, giving you ideas for how your own landscaping could unfold. Make inspiration boards that can help you communicate what you are looking for and what you envision.  

Memphis landscapers

If you are more old-school, pick up some home improvement, gardening, or lifestyle magazines from a local Memphis store. Clip out photos of what you like, and collect them in a folder or tape them onto a piece of paper or poster. Seeing all of your favorite ideas together can help you articulate your style and give better ideas for what is possible for your space. 

Determine a Landscaping Budget

When you go into your project, it is important to know your budget and limits. Knowing your financial comfort zone allows you to understand what is affordable, where you can hold off and continue to save, and what is a priority for you. 

Settling on a budget involves a lot of things:
  • The scope of your project 
  • How much you have already saved 
  • Your current income 
  • Level of investment you want to put into your home or office building 
  • If you will need to apply to and receive funds from a home improvement loan 
  • Level of return you expect to receive from the improvements

For instance, if you are planning to sell your Memphis home in the near future, you may want to get your landscaping up to a seller’s standards. You may just want great curb appeal, and end your landscaping there. Or, you may consider upgrading your home with an irrigation system or lighting, which can give your Memphis home a distinct advantage in the marketplace. 

Even if you do not plan to sell your home anytime soon, it is important to consider how this great investment can improve your home’s overall worth. Continuing to keep up with your landscaping can pay off in the end, giving your home (and even your neighborhood) the polished look it needs to compete in the real estate market. 

The best way to determine how far your budget will take you is to see the breakdown of costs. From plants to stonework to supplies to labor – there are a lot of factors to consider in the process. That’s why it is important to discuss your plans with a professional, who can give you the inside information on costs, how you can save, and where you can cut or widen your budget.  

Call a Pro Memphis Landscaper

Now, the time has come:

You have reached your limit in what you can do for preliminary research. From here, you are prepared to answer questions about what you envision for your home or office’s landscaping, along with the budget that is comfortable for your project.

These elements give you the information you need to call a professional. At Mid-South Irrigation and Landscaping, we only want the best for you. We treat each customer fairly, giving a direct, comprehensive assessment of what your project could entail, how long we estimate it to take, and what our vision for the final reveal will be.

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With our help, you are walked through the entire landscaping process. We work with you to take care of the following:

Put Landscaping Ideas to Paper

After we have taken time to have an initial conversation with you, we get an understanding of your style and your space. Taking your vision and taste into account, along with the size of the project, we can get started in the planning phase. 

First, our team starts out by taking dimensions of your yard, along with some physical characteristics of the land, to get an idea of the job. Often, we see that some land is uneven, causing draining issues or problems with certain types of materials or plants we want to use.

Landscape Design Ideas

Next, once we know the limitations and barriers of the land, we can get started on creating plans. Since our team is connected with excellent resellers and resources, we get the best supplies, plants, trees, and more to work with both your space and budget. 

Once we have the dimensions and types of supplies in mind, we can create a rough draft for your landscape project. Typically, we draw a map of the space and can electronically develop a scene for you. Our designers take your ideas for the space, while adding some exciting elements that you will love. 

We share the plans with you, and we continue to work together to fine-tune the drawings until they meet your vision. 

Understand the Memphis Climate

Another part of the process is for our team to help you understand the Memphis and Mid-South's climate, taking into account what is possible for plants and your outdoor space.

The Memphis area is known for having high humidity, hot summers, relatively mild to cold winters, and a higher than average rainfall. These conditions make growing most plants quite easy, which is why the Memphis area is so lush and beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall. 

Still, this climate does have its limits. There are some types of plants, grass, and trees that do better than others. While you may have an idea in mind for your future garden, we may have to steer you towards better plants that can thrive and make your yard look beautiful.

We can also help you understand the climate to better prepare your landscaping for success. For example, the Mid-South’s scorching summers can leave grass and delicate plants in a bit of a dilemma. Solutions for timed irrigation systems ensure that your yard will get the care it needs, and lets you relax. 

Make Your Dream Landscape a Reality

Once we have created plans that we all agree upon, we can break ground! Depending upon the weather and timeline for the project, we will get started as soon as possible to begin implementing your new landscape design.

Often, landscaping projects have large teams with many moving pieces. Different professionals are used depending upon the work that needs to be done. From installing irrigation plumbing to filling in flower beds to building patios, the different projects will be taken into account, divided up among our team, and tackled based on timing and complexity. 

From start to finish, our team is here for open communication, ideas, and feedback that will allow us to deliver your final product.

Your Memphis Landscape Company 

Deciding to take on a landscaping project can be both exciting and daunting! With so many options, moving parts, and things to consider, managing a landscape overhaul can be stressful – unless you have the right team in place.

Mid-South Irrigation and Landscaping has been serving the area with professionalism and dedication for years. Our experience, combined with our knowledge of the area, allows us to exceed customer expectations with every project.

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a project that will improve your home for years to come. When you begin a landscape project, you are beginning new memories in your home. Cookouts on your new patio, a beautiful yard for your children to enjoy, or a garden you can be proud of all year long – the options are endless.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation, where we can discuss your ideas, taste, and hopes for the project. We look forward to working with you soon!

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