How Can Landscaping Increase My Home's Value?

house landscape with plants and brickRecently, the real estate market has continued to thrive in Memphis and the greater Mid-South area. Because of the low cost of Memphis homes with the high standard of living, there are more people looking to invest in a great home here.

With a hot market and many homes going on the market for sale, Memphians are looking for ways to make their home stand out. One of the most beneficial ways to improve your Memphis home is to invest in landscaping.

Landscaping not only increases the curb appeal of your home, but it can help give buyers an added luxury that they may not have expected to find in a home.

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5 Ways to Increase home value with landscaping:

Whether you are thinking about selling your home now or down the road, consider how these projects can increase your home value. Your return on investment will be great if you are selling soon; and, if you plan to be in your home awhile, you can enjoy any of these additions for years to come.

Here are our top landscaping projects to increase home value:

#1 Landscape Irrigation - Automate Your Watering

Especially in Memphis and the Mid-South area, watering plants in the spring and summer can be a full-time job. The intense heat can dry out grass, flowers, and trees, making all of your hard work in the yard go to waste.

Instead, think about having your yard watered on a regular timer. Watering your plants and flowers is off your to-do list and managed completely! Not only are your plants cared for, but you will also be using less water. Our experts know how much water needs to be used and for how long. This reduces your water bill and is environmentally friendly.

Automated sprinklers are just one way you can enjoy the perks of irrigation. Reduce the amount of house and yard troubles with proper drainage that keeps your yard water-free.

#2 Lighting Up Your Memphis Home & Landscape

Safety is always a priority for a home. Automated outdoor lighting serves multiple purposes and can be important for many potential buyers.

First, automated lights can serve as a deterrent to intruders. As soon as the lights come on, a potential crime is immediately stopped. Or, if you are out of town, regular outdoor lighting can give the appearance that you are home and watching over your home.

Next, landscape lighting can help light your way in the evening. Have you ever come home and not had lights on, only to fumble in the dark for a clear path into your home? Avoid that with lights that show you the way.

outdoor patio with lighting in Memphis

Another benefit of lighting is to keep costs low and to conserve energy. When your lights come on only when you need them, or set for certain hours at night, you never have to worry about turning off your lights.

Along with these practical benefits, lighting makes a home and yard look great! Professional lighting can accent your home and highlight the hard work you have put into your hard. Casting shadows

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#3 Building Pathways In Your Landscape

Similar to lighting, having clear pathways in your yard makes a big difference for many potential buyers.

For new parents with a stroller or those in need of a wheelchair or walker, a smooth, flat surface to guide you through the yard is important.

Pathways also provide a nice, welcoming aesthetic. Whether using a stone pathway to guide visitors through your gardens, or a gravel path leading up to your door, adding paths keeps your home feeling open and casual. Guests can follow the paths to find exactly what they need.

Combining pathways with lighting can make for beautiful yards, giving the perfect path you need for late-night strolls and evening events.

pathway in landscape with white house

#4 Add A Hardscape, Like A Patio

Adding a patio to your home can increase home value drastically. One of the most important features many homebuyers seek is additional living space. In the Mid-South, a beautiful porch or patio is a fixture for many.

As Southerners, we enjoy hosting parties with friends and family. Because of our mild temperatures, a patio can be used year-round for entertaining. Whether around the grill in the summer or around the firepit in winter, guests will benefit from a great patio space.

By adding an outdoor entertaining area now, you can be ready for the warmer temperatures in the spring! String up some bistro lights and light up the grill – a patio is one space that will never go out of style.

#5 Get Professional Landscaping & Maintenance

In today’s world of online real estate, the first thing someone sees about your house is a photo of it online. A potential buyer can take one look at it, and move on to the next option.

That’s why curb appeal is becoming even more important. By catching the buyer’s eye with a well-designed landscape, fresh grass, and beautiful flowers, you can quickly draw someone in to click on your house and see more.

While landscaping obviously makes your home look good, it also has to be done in a smart way. Knowing the plants, trees, and flowers that are indigenous to the area allows your yard to bloom beautifully. Planting at the right time of year, knowing when to expect various flowers through the year, and knowing what looks good together can make all the difference.

Once your landscaping project is complete, routine maintenance keeps your yard looking great and gives you peace of mind.

The Best Way to Invest in Your Home Today

Whether you are looking to sell your home or if you simply want to have the best yard on the block, enlisting a landscaping partner to help is crucial.

Give us a call today to discuss your yard. Which of the top 5 landscaping solutions are most important to you? From there, we can work together to create a look, feel, and mood for your yard. Looking for an outdoor retreat? Want a great space to host family and friends? Or do you want to have a garden you can tend to and cherish in the future?


Let’s hear your goals and create a plan today.

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Posted by Jesse Wisley at 9:00 AM

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