Rain Bird Irrigation System Review

Rain Bird Irrigation System Review

At Mid South Irrigation, we only want to recommend the best products on the market to our customers. Landscaping irrigation systems are a great investment for any homeowner. However, it’s incredibly important to put your money towards a reliable and high-quality system that will produce beautiful results for your landscaping. This is why we recommend Rain Bird irrigation systems. As irrigation experts, we believe Rain Bird products help homeowners maintain the beauty of their landscape with irrigation systems that increase the value of their home and the beauty of their lawn. 

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8 Advantages of Using Rain Bird Irrigation Systems

You may be wondering why we recommend Rain Bird irrigation systems to all of our customers. If you are looking to compliment your landscape with the water supply it needs to flourish, look no further than Rain Bird irrigation systems. With a variety of features and benefits, Rain Bird landscaping irrigation systems will provide you with visible results that will continue to enhance your landscaping design

1. Brand Authority

Why do we trust Rain Bird irrigation systems to provide our customers with beautiful results? Although there are a variety of irrigation system competitors on the market, Rain Bird has continued to be a grade-A competitor in the irrigation industry. Each Rain Bird irrigation system is built by irrigation experts who have been serving our industry since 1933. Here are a few reasons why Rain Bird has a unique brand authority in the irrigation industry:

  • They have obtained 450+ patents across the globe.
  • They have served over 100 countries.
  • They offer over 4,000 services and products for irrigation needs. 

2. Quality Products

Another reason we recommend using Rain Bird irrigation systems is they continue to produce high-quality products that produce real results for your landscape. With so many irrigation system products on the market, we want you to choose a line of products that exceed your expectations. Because Rain Bird irrigation systems are one of the top competitors in the irrigation industry, they have a team of experts who keep up with the latest technology and trends, which are reflected in their product lines. Not only does Rain Bird offer top-notch quality products, but they also offer an expansive range of products and services to meet any of your needs. From athletic facilities to homeowner lawn care, our Rain Bird irrigation systems can do it all and more!

3. Programmable Functions

Why spend extra time and effort watering your lawn when you could invest in an irrigation system that offers programmable functions to make your life easier and more convenient? Rain Bird products are built for you and your landscape. With automated sprinkler systems, you no longer have to worry about spending your free time working in your yard. Our team of irrigation experts can help you learn how to take advantage of the programmable functions Rain Bird systems have to offer, making irrigation effective and efficient. 

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4. User Friendly

Innovative technology is designed to make your life easier, not more difficult. One reason we continue to recommend Rain Bird irrigation systems is that each product is incredibly user friendly. We don’t want our customers to invest in a product that seems impossible to use. Our team at Mid South Irrigation can help answer any questions and concerns you may have about the functions of Rain Bird systems, but you will soon find out how user-friendly your investment has become! 

5. Drip Technology

Drip irrigation can help you maximize the use of your irrigation system by providing small amounts of water near or at the root of different parts of your landscaping. Many of our customers are looking for an irrigation system that will evenly and accurately supply water across their landscaping, helping to save water and time. We recommend Rain Bird’s drip irrigation products because they work efficiently to meet any size irrigation needs you may have. With a variety of drip irrigation products from Rain Bird, we can help you accomplish your landscaping goals. 

6. Water Conservation

Maintaining your outdoor spaces requires a significant amount of care and attention. We are passionate about educating each of our customers about the importance of water conservation and how it can benefit your landscaping. With Seal-A-Matic™ Technology, Rain Bird irrigation systems are designed to provide your lawn with the correct amount of water throughout each season of the year. Water conservation not only makes your lawn more beautiful, but it helps save you money and time in the long run. 

7. Flexibility

Every one of our customer’s irrigation needs is unique. We understand you may be looking for quality products that will provide your special outdoor space with irrigation to help it flourish all year long. No matter the shape or size of your landscape, Rain Bird’s unique nozzle options are designed and able to accommodate all of your needs. With over 15 different nozzles, your Rain Bird irrigation system can be customized to fit your landscape’s unique demands. 

8. Weather Sensor Options

With customers in over 100 countries, it is no surprise that Rain Bird irrigation systems must be adaptable to many different climates and weather conditions. The weather sensor technology that Rain Bird products have to offer is exceptional and continues to impress our customers. Rain Bird offers weather sensors to measure weather data in your area, including humidity, wind, rainfall, and more. Each weather sensing product is designed to accurately determine and adjust to weather conditions in order to help save you water and money. 

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Rain Bird Irrigation Systems at MidSouth Irrigation

The team at Mid South Irrigation works hard to provide the best products and services to each of our customers. Investing in a Rain Bird irrigation system can help bring value to your home and beauty to your landscape. If you are interested in investing in a Rain Bird irrigation system, contact us today for a quote. 


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