Solutions to Drainage Problems: Retaining Walls & How They Work

How do Retaining Walls Work?

Hills or slopes in your yard have the potential to cause many problems and headaches when it comes to landscaping. However, retaining walls can help turn those problem areas into some of the most beautiful features of your outdoor spaces. Without a retaining wall, you could experience serious drainage problems which could also lead to the damage to your landscaping. Retaining walls prevent erosion, control waterflow, and also serve to make your outdoor areas more visually appealing. 


When do you need a retaining wall?

Until you begin experiencing landscaping issues that come with the need for a retaining wall, you may never begin to appreciate or even notice retaining walls all around you. Retaining walls are used at businesses, schools, homes, and more. Because not every building or home is set on flat ground, retaining walls are a very common landscaping solution to a variety of problems.. 

Managing Soil ErosionRetaining Wall

The most common reason for individuals to invest in a retaining wall is to prevent or manage soil erosion. For homes and businesses set on hills, flower beds and other landscaping projects may take a toll on surrounding areas if a retaining wall is not in place. Your retaining wall will help keep the soil from causing damage to other areas of your landscaping. 

Flood Prevention

Homes built on a slope are not the only ones that can benefit from a retaining wall. Homes located at the bottom of a hill are also exposed to a variety of risks as well. To prevent your home, yard, and flowerbeds from flooding, a retaining wall can be constructed. 

Foundation Protection

Another reason to consider investing in a retaining wall is to protect the foundation of your home. Erosion near and around your home can severely damage your foundation, leading to serious issues that could cost you a significant amount of time, money, and stress. A retaining wall is an investment that will help prevent these expensive damages from occurring. 


What type of materials are used for a retaining wall?

In order to be effective, a retaining wall must be constructed properly using the right materials. Though some homeowners take matters into their own hands by creating a DIY retaining wall, any mishap could result in destruction of your property, landscape, and home. Therefore, professional help is extremely important and beneficial for the building and maintenance of a retaining wall. Having the proper supplies and tools for building a retaining wall will help the process move smoothly. As professional landscapers, our team at Mid South Irrigation has the right tools to help your retaining wall to look and work great. 

Manufactured Stones & BlocksStone Retaining Wall

Manufactured stones and blocks are ideal for retaining walls because they are designed to look natural while being smooth in the right places to make each layer more level, easier to construct, and more visually appealing. Retaining walls built with manufactured stones and blocks are designed for strength and stability to ensure the safety of your home and landscaping. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, retaining walls built with manufactured stones can be custom designed to fit the aesthetic appearance of your home and outdoor spaces. 


What do retaining walls look like?

Many customers are concerned about the aesthetic appearance of a retaining wall. We understand the amount of time and effort that goes into keeping your yard looking beautiful. Fortunately, retaining walls can be customized to your preference. With the advantage of custom creations, retaining walls can blend right in with the rest of your property and landscaping, giving the sense that it has always belonged. We can even create professional landscaping designs which can make your yard look even better than before.


Who installs retaining walls?Professional Retaining Wall

Ideally, a professional landscaper would install your retaining wall. We at Mid South Irrigation in Memphis have seen major damages that were the result of a homeowner trying to save money by installing and maintaining a retaining wall on their own. It is vital to hire a professional landscaper to build your retaining wall for you if you are attempting to prevent erosion or control water flow. Having a professional install your retaining wall will eliminate any stress, providing you with peace of mind about the safety of your home and landscaping. 


Retaining Walls at Mid South Irrigation

Mid South Irrigation of Memphis provides many drainage solutions, including retaining walls. Not only can we build brand new retaining walls, but we can also provide solutions to previously installed retaining walls that may need updating or repairs. Learn more about our drainage solutions here. If you are interested in having our professional team install a retaining wall on your property, contact us today for a free consultation. 



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