The Advantages of Hiring an Irrigation Expert Over a Lawn Maintenance Professional for Irrigation Systems


The Advantages of Hiring an Irrigation Expert Over a Lawn Maintenance Professional for Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are becoming more and more popular for their time-saving and energy-maximizing benefits, but are all irrigation systems the same, and does it matter who installs it?

As it turns out, who installs your irrigation system is kind of a big deal. Installing an irrigation system may also require groundwork or other components to control water flow.


Why Hire an Irrigation Expert

You put a lot of work into making your home beautiful inside and out. A professionally-designed irrigation system enhances your ability to grow beautiful flowers while keeping your yard’s moisture level at an optimum level. An irrigation system that hasn’t been installed by a professional and doesn’t function the way it was designed to is a waste of money and resources and can cause major drainage problems and headaches.

irrigation system in MemphisProper Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Choosing an irrigation expert who is licensed and insured is the best way to ensure your irrigation system will be properly designed and installed. An irrigation system must be installed properly according to manufacturer specifications  as well as local, state, or neighborhood regulations. It’s also important to have a professional perform routine maintenance checks to ensure your system is working properly and does not have leaks that drain energy and resources.

Save Time and Money

Automatic irrigation systems use timers to efficiently distribute water at the desired time at the desired rate, so you don’t have to spend time toting the garden hose around the yard. A properly installed irrigation system will also save you money in that it won’t need to be replaced or repaired in the foreseeable future. Well designed irrigation systems are intended to be energy efficient to save you money on energy costs, while poorly designed irrigation systems can cause major catastrophes like flooding and water damage.

Irrigation and Landscaping

Proper irrigation system design, installation, and maintenance has an effect on the appearance of your yard, and the appearance of your yard has a direct effect on your property value, and therefore your return on investment. Would you rather have an irrigation system with subpar components, or a state-of-the-art watering system designed to keep your natural flora thriving and your home looking beautiful?

Longevity of Plants

Many people want an irrigation system that will allow them to care for their plants and flowers with minimal effort. Improperly installed irrigation systems can kill your grass and your plants. An expertly designed irrigation system also retains the proper amount of moisture throughout even the driest seasons. When soil is able to maintain moisture, it’s also able to sustain vital nutrients needed to grow beautiful and healthy plants and flowers.

Creative Drainage Solutions

Water management is vital to any homeowner who doesn’t want to waste time and money repairing damage from drainage issues. Sure your lawn guy can put down new sod when your yard is a mess, but chances are he’s not qualified to design, install, and maintain groundwater and downspout collection and irrigation systems that keep your home free of flooding and water damage.


Memphis Irrigation System Installation

If you decide to install an irrigation system, it’s important to find a trained irrigation expert who is able to identify any potential problems or necessary groundwork. Unlike lawn maintenance professionals, irrigation experts, like those at MidSouth Irrigation and Landscaping, work with the newest technology to design, install, and maintain irrigation systems that work efficiently.

Expertly installed irrigation systems can even lower energy costs, while improperly installed irrigation systems can lead to major disasters like flooding and loss of property and plant life from water damage.

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