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The Kind of Landscaping Your Pets Will Enjoy

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Having a pet and new landscaping can be headache, as some dogs like to dig and tear things up. Imagine having an outdoor space that both you and your pet will love and be able to enjoy. A space where your dog can run and play safely, without injuring himself or your plants. Explore some options for Memphis landscaping that will be pet friendly and long lasting as well.

Hardscaping Ideas

Running Paths

Create a pathway for your dog to run on. A running path will give your dog an opportunity to patrol and guard his territory, without wrecking havoc on your yard or garden. If your dog already has an established running path, turn their path into a pathway using mulch, smooth rocks, etc. Since dogs can often be rough when playing and running, plants near your pathway should be sturdy yet have soft foliage.

Play Area

A tired dog is a happy dog. Use plants and hardscaping to create obstacles and things to walk and jump on. You can also buy tunnels (both people and dog sized!) for your dog to run through or hide in. Your dog will have a blast weaving in and out of the obstacles, keeping both his mind and body engaged.

Water Features

Water features are great, especially if you have a water-loving dog such as a lab. Install a small pond, pool, or splash fountain that is easy for your dog to get in and out of. Not only will they have a blast, it will keep them cool in the dog days of summer.


If you have a dog that like to dig, a sandbox is a must. Bury bones and treats at first to get your dog interested.


Fencing for a Dog

Fencing is a necessity if your dog is going to spend any time outdoors (as most dogs do). There are many options that are attractive, such as wrought iron, decorative wood, and more. If you have an escape artist, a barrier along the fence could help to keep your furry friend on your property.You can add chicken wire below the soil line or line your fence with dense plants to discourage digging.


Mulch can help to cut down on dirt and mud being tracked into your house. However, don’t use cocoa mulch, as its poisonous to dogs. Use gravel, shredded hardwood mulch, or wood chips. They won’t stick to your dog’s paws or coat.

Softscaping Ideas

Plant Wisely

Sometimes we just want to have a garden oasis, but that isn’t easily done when you have dogs. You can still have one- you just have to be smart about it. Plant dense plants around outside of your garden area with more vulnerable plants towards the center. This will help to keep your pooch out. Another planting tip is to plant species that reduce fleas, such as lavender, rosemary, and mint. This can save you from a headache later on.

Sun Spots

Dogs love to sunbathe. Sunlight increases the amount of serotonin, Vitamin D, and more in the body. A sun spot can be something as simple as a patch of cushy grass or a strategically placed dog bed.  

Shady Areas

While dogs love the sun, it’s also important to make sure that they don’t overheat. It’s crucial to plant things that will provide adequate shade for your dog on those incredibly hot and sunny days. Some leafy trees or shrubs will do the trick.

Marking Post

Fire Hydrant

A marking post will give your male dog a place to mark his territory and hopefully prevent him from pottying on your other plants. Some ideas are a piece of driftwood, your dog’s very own (ornamental) fire hydrant, and more. If you still have issues with your dog pottying on your flowers and shrubs, urine-resistant plants may be the way to go. Some examples are Euonymus japonica (Japanese spindle tree) and Burkwood osmanthus.

Avoid Poisonous and Thorny Plants

There are a number plants you should avoid that are poisonous or harmful to dogs.  Some poisonous plants you should never put in your yard when you have pets are wisteria, foxglove, azaleas, lilies, and mums. Thorny and spiny plants can cause injuries, particularly eye injuries, if your dog accidentally runs into them or brushes by them. Always make sure to avoid plant that could potentially harm your dog.

Prevent Urine Spots

Have you seen brown or yellow spots in your yard where your pet potties? This is likely a urine spot. The nitrogen in dog urine kills grass. Avoid unsightly urine spots by replacing grass with hardscaping, especially if it’s a small area. If that isn’t an option, designate a specific area for your pet to potty in, and train them to only use that spot. You can also flush out the urine from the grass by deeply watering that patch of grass immediately after your pet goes there.

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