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Here’s how we do landscape design:

  • You’re the visionary and we put your hopes, wants and needs into a landscape design that works and is stunning.
  • We communicate. With any custom project, communication is the key to success and delivering the outcome you want. Throughout the entire process we’re always communicating.
  • We’ll walk you through the complete design. You hand us your ideas, we craft a plan and then show you how it’s going to happen.

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Your landscape brought to life. A design you can brag about.

Why Start with Landscape Design?

Every landscape design project we do in Memphis needs a plan. Big or small, each landscape design needs to be mapped out. This helps us capitalize on all of your wants and needs while pushing the project to be more efficient and delivered on time.

Also, the design process is all about you. It’s about collecting your vision for your outdoor space. Once we know what you want and need, we can effectively design the landscape and guarantee a final product you’ll love for years.

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Communicating with You Throughout the Landscape Project:

Landscape design is the beginning of a great project and we want to start with terrific communication. It’s our pledge to communicate clearly and effectively throughout the design and construction process. Why? Because you deserve it.

The more we communicate and the more we get correct in the design phase, then the quicker we can achieve what you need and without any bumps along the road. Plus, we want you to be informed and aware of exactly what you’re getting. It’s your project.

Designing for Memphis:

The design process is also a perfect time to map out which components of landscape work well in Memphis. Some components work better in Memphis than others because of the climate and vegetation. This is something we certainly want to plan for and guarantee a vibrant final product for years and years.

This strategy revolves primarily around a belief that your original, artistic vision for your landscaping project serves as our top priority, in everything from our design and planning efforts, to the construction process itself. It’s important to us that we build a personal, productive relationship with our clients, in order to fully establish a line of communication between their landscaping needs and our services.

After this, if necessary, we will complete a detailed drawing of an architecture plan, designed to the fullest detail. Finally, we’ll walk you through the design plan to help ensure your satisfaction— we place an emphasis on serving your projects to their full and original intent.

Considering Landscape Design Regulations  

Landscape design planning is crucial for several reasons, but one reason is local regulation and zoning laws that dictate how a landscape design can be implemented. As we plan your landscape, we must consider the following:

  • Erosion control 
  • Drainage for storm water
  • Irrigation 
  • Location 
  • Materials 
  • Wood structures 
  • Retaining walls 

As we design and consider the layout, materials and vegetation, we’ll be thinking through each of the local Memphis regulations and how we can can best achieve your dream while also keeping everything safe for the urban or suburban landscape. 

Surveying Your Current Landscape 

Part of our intensive landscape design process is surveying your current landscape. We need to survey the area to understand multiple factors: soil conditions, vegetation, sunlight, grasses, hills and woods, water, drainage and more. Our survey helps us understand your landscape as a whole, what needs to be achieved aesthetically and functionally. 

Without taking a proper survey, one might make a landscape look nice but it won’t last and won’t function properly. Our survey allows us to create and implement a landscape that is stunning and will last for years because it was carefully, and thoughtfully, developed from start to finish. 

Designing To Be Beautiful & Functional 

The landscape design process allows us to be thorough in all regards. We’ll plan for beauty. We’ll plan for functionality. Together, we’ll select vegetation that you want throughout your landscape. We’ll layout where everything goes and discuss how to make the landscape truly a work of art. And along with aesthetics, we’ll discuss the functionality of the landscape. 

Landscape is also about functionality because you’ll most likely be using your landscape in some enjoyable way and the landscape itself will have some functions. Maybe we’re working within your backyard and you need a nicer entertainment space. That’s a function we need to focus on. Then the landscape itself must function to properly drain and irrigate water from your home so you don’t experience any damage to structures. 

Design captures all of these areas. Great design leads to incredible landscapes, which is why we spend a lot of time designing before we ever step foot on your landscape.  

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