Drainage Solutions

Memphis drainage contractors

We can also assist you with creative and effective drainage solutions for your home and landscape in Memphis.

We can design and install functional subsurface drainage systems to safely redirect nuisance water away from your home and low points in the landscape and toward acceptable clean water runoff routes. 

Drain solutions using one or more of the following options will make the problem go away: French drains, landscape grading, drain grate boxes, PVC and/or ADS pipe, and pop-up water outlets. 

When we install a retaining wall we suggest drainage and water pressure solutions for retaining wall construction or post design drainage installation for existing retaining walls are another important service that we offer.

Our Drainage Services Include:

  • Gutter Down Spouts
  • Flex Pipe or PVC Drainage Pipes
  • Catch Basin (any size)
  • French Drains
  • Channel Drains for concrete areas
  • Sump Pumps for low areas


drainage solutions for yards in Memphis

Gutter Down Spouts

One of the more simple drainage solutions is improving gutter downspouts. Often downspouts spill into your yard just anywhere and the water isn’t properly drained away from the home. It’s crucial that downspouts push water down from the gutter and then out away from the home. If not, water will collect around the home, in plant beds and other locations. If your yard isn’t graded properly, then that water won’t drain away properly. One way we provide a solution to your drainage problems is improving your downspouts and flow away from the home. We work hard to guarantee proper drainage from your roof and then throughout your yard.

Flex Pipe of PVC Drainage Pipes

You may notice black pipes connected to downspouts, extending in a yard. These pipes are called flex drainage pipes and are a terrific way of managing drainage from your gutters to your yard and then away from your lawn. These pipes come in handy because they are flexible and you can adjust the path of water drainage. Depending on how your yard is graded, you can use a flex drain pipe to push water out and down the grade. We can help provide a great drainage solution by surveying your lawn and then installing flex drain pipes accordingly. Using our survey, we’ll know exactly where to put flex pipes and how to eliminate drainage issues on your lawn.

Catch Basin

Another way to eliminate drainage problems in your yard is to install catch basins. With a catch basin, we can create a more dynamic drainage solution that will help your yard stay beautiful and free from any worry of water damage. Catch basins collect water from downspouts and then from the catch basin (underground) we funnel water away. In most cases, catch basins funnel water to another area underground where the water is dispersed back into the land appropriately.

French Drain

Another way to keep water from collecting and standing on top of soil, around your lawn or around the foundation of your house, is with French drains. These drains allow water move underground and exit through small openings in the pipe. The water can then disperse into the soil underground without pooling above.

Channel Drains

These types of drains are used within concrete, typically seen in driveways. In most cases, these drains are near a garage or carport in order to collect water and move it away from the home to avoid water damage within the garage/carport and to the foundation. Channel drains divert water to the rest of your drainage system. We can create a custom system that connects channel drains with catch basins and moves all of the water away from the home effectively.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are used in low areas, such as basements or crawlspaces, to keep the space dry and free from water. Typically, these pumps are installed within sump pits, where water is collected from around the home and landscape, channeled into the pit, and then the sump pump pushes the water away from the structure. This ensures that water is properly draining away.

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