French Drain

French Drains

Drainage problems in your yard can damage your grass, be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and kill other plants. A way to keep water from collecting and standing on top of soil, around your lawn, or around the foundation of your house is with French drains.

What Causes Pooling Water?

Pooling water in your yard can be caused by a number of things. The most likely is improper grading. When your yard is graded, or leveled, it causes water to be directed to where it can quickly drain into a street, alley, or storm sewer. If your lawn doesn’t drain properly, it can cause standing water that can increase with each rainfall. A properly graded yard should prevent standing water from collecting faster than it can drain.

Other causes of pooling water include thatch, which can prevent soil from absorbing water, hard soil, and a high water table. Luckily, a french drain can help with all of these issues.

How Do French Drains Work?

French drains allow water to move underground and exit through small openings in the pipe. The water can then disperse into the soil underground without pooling above. It also pushes excess water towards your nearest drainage point, such as a street or gutter. A french drain is rather simple to make, and it is a comprehensive drainage system.

First, your landscaping professional will assess your home and drainage issues, determining the best placement for the french drain. He will then dig a trench, sometimes as deep as six feet. A slotted pipe is laid inside of the trench at an angle, so that the water is directed away from your home. You can use pipes with circular holes, but those tend to fill with fine soil particles, so we recommend using a slotted pipe.

At least twelve inches of washed gravel is poured over the pipe. The gravel will immediately improve water flow conditions. A filter fabric is placed over the gravel in order to prevent soil particles from going through the gravel and into the pipe. Without a filter fabric, it is likely that the pipe will get clogged with soil and other small sediments, causing premature maintenance. Your landscaper will then cover the filter fabric with soil, bringing it to the original grade height.

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