At Mid South Irrigation and Landscape, we want you to feel confident about choosing us to install your new sprinkler system.  We pride ourselves on our superior service and employees, who have undergone thorough training to properly install irrigation systems.

We will begin with a consultation and get to know more about what you want and need to create a customized layout that we suggest for your property.  We make sure that your irrigation system layout provides the highest efficiency possible with our professionally designed layouts.  While it’s true that many companies will use excellent products, the layout and design is really what will count when it comes down to ensuring that your watering and irrigation system works effectively.  Our technicians are constantly undergoing training as the technology and methods evolve.  We plan not only for your yard, but also for future landscape plans that you may have.

irrigation installation services in Memphis

Having an automatic sprinkler system to irrigate your property will save water that is often wasted by runoff from forgotten manual sprinklers that are left on or manual sprinklers that shoot water all over concrete or your home in addition to the turf or plants. Moreover, beautiful, green grass and lush, healthy vegetation not only increases the value of your home but the curb appeal.

Another service a professional irrigation company can do for the homeowner is help you distribute water only when and where your plants need it. This improves performance and helps guarantee the life of your investment.

Since Mid South Irrigation & Landscape keeps up with the latest industry standards as well as innovative new products and designs, you will get the absolute best from us and we believe we are the best in the business.

One thing we know is, over time, the needs of your landscape will change. As it matures and the turf and plants grow, sprinkler systems will also need to change and grow.  We can update your watering and irrigation system based on plant growth, swap out heads, add heads or zones to accommodate a newly planted area, add micro-sprays to potted plants, convert zones to drip irrigation…the possibilities are endless.

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