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We want you to feel confident in choosing Mid South Irrigation & Landscape to install your irrigation and sprinkler system. We pride ourselves in superior, customized service and highly-educated employees who have undergone extensive and continuing training to properly install irrigation systems in the Greater Memphis area. The irrigation systems we used are made with the highest quality materials to provide long-term, dependable performance for your landscape.

Irrigation System Installation in Memphis

Each consultation begins with a conversation about you, your property, and your goals with this irrigation installation project. We take the time to understand your requirements and create a customized layout for your wants and needs. Each irrigation system is professionally and locally tailored to achieve the highest water efficiency possible. We know Memphis like the back of our hands, and we take the climate into consideration when planning out your irrigation system. 

Many irrigation companies in Memphis use high-quality products, but our focus on customized design makes all the difference. In order to be the best, we must invest in the best, which is why we offer high-performing equipment and extensive specialized training for our technicians. We are ready to help you achieve and maintain the best results for your lawn - now and in the future.

irrigation installation services in Memphis

Automated Sprinkler Systems in Memphis

The decision to install an automated sprinkler system in Memphis can save you time and money. The solution conserves water in comparison to manual systems and is especially beneficial during the time of year when water preservation is most critical. In addition, an automated sprinkler system can increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home.

Our experts can create an irrigation layout specifically tailored to optimize water distribution — saving you money and increasing the value of your Memphis property.

The Mid South's Irrigation System Experts

At Mid South Irrigation & Landscape, we stay up-to-date on irrigation and industry standards and always offer the latest products & designs. This ensures you receive the best service from our irrigation experts in Memphis. 

As your landscape matures, your irrigation needs may change. Our experienced technicians can update your irrigation system by swapping out heads, converting to drip irrigation, or adding zones to account for new plant growth. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation where we will visit you on-site and discuss your irrigation needs.

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