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Custom Memphis Landscape Design

As the premier landscape company of Greater Memphis and the Mid-South, we offer full-service landscaping design, installation, and maintenance that exceeds your expectations. Our specialties include landscape design, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and sod installation.

Serving both residential and commercial landscaping needs, we are committed to making your landscaping goals our top priority. We work with you to create a landscape design strategy that's fully guided by your vision and our expertise. Together, we can create a custom landscape complete with beautiful foliage, lush sod, and low-maintenance irrigation. 

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Starting With Your Landscape Vision

The best Memphis landscape starts with solid design and planning. Our design strategy begins with listening intently to your vision, including desires for your landscape, necessities, or maintenance preferences.

Your original vision for your landscaping project serves as our top priority, in everything from our design and planning efforts, to the construction process itself. By establishing a personal relationship with you and keeping communication clear and open, we can work together to design a beautiful Mid-South landscape that fits your style, budget, and unique property. 

Customizing your Memphis Landscape

After our ideas merge, we complete a landscape assessment of the property. We determine sunlight variances throughout the property, soil health and quality, areas with special needs (such as areas with soil erosion), and more. As experts on the Memphis landscape, we understand how to use each element to create a lush and thriving end product.

Finally, we’ll walk you through the landscape design plan to help ensure your satisfaction. Then, we will begin construction — completing your project in a way that exceeds your expectations.

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We provide a wide range of horticulturally correct landscape construction services, all custom crafted to suit your needs. This includes services ranging from the installation of trees, shrubs, turf grass and sod, flower beds, and many other types of plant material.

We’ll install all of your plantings using the correct spacing, accurate root depth, amended soil, and recommended sunlight/lighting to ensure that plants will thrive in their new environment. Additionally, newly installed plantings and plant materials can be monitored and cared for during our weekly maintenance visits to your property, by making arrangements to take advantage of our range of post-installation maintenance services.

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Having a lush yard takes dedication, hard work, and constant monitoring. An easier approach for a complete yard overhaul is the installation of sod. We install a variety of sod, based on what is best for your yard.

Factors such as sunlight, drainage, and grading all play a major factor in laying sod and its success.

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We provide our landscaping services in a way that not only meets and exceeds your expectations of quality, but that meets every requirement of your vision for a landscape’s design, functionality, and more. In addition to fully customized softscapes, we are happy to offer high-grade construction services aiding in your creation of hardscapes for your land – everything from pools and patios, to creating an entire backyard from the ground up.

What better way to extend your living space from your home to your outdoors than with the installation of a hardscape like a patio or deck? Decks are the perfect way to add additional flooring to your property, whether it is attached to the structure of your home or built as a separate structure in your backyard or around a swimming pool. A deck can make an additional “room” anywhere within your outdoor living space. 

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In our Memphis climate, there’s potential for considerable rainfall each year. That means water needs to move away from your home and not collect, which could cause serious damage to your structure. However, you don’t want just any drain system. You need a system that moves water effectively and to the correct areas.

Our team of drainage contractors knows exactly how to move water and dispose of it appropriately with drainage systems. We’ll evaluate the specifics of your landscape and create a detailed plan for the system.

From gutter downspout drainage and sump pumps, to French drains and swales, we are your one-stop-shop for all your drainage, irrigation, hardscape, fencing and decking, and landscape projects.

We are memphis landscape contractors 

Our Memphis landscapers and team provide complete landscape services for projects. We design and execute plans on projects to give you a landscape you will love, enjoy and be proud to show to others. Since our team is knowledgeable in all areas of landscape, we can pull everything together - from vegetation to irrigation to lighting. We are experts in all of these areas so you get the best results each and every time. 

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