Our Landscapers

What do our Memphis landscapers have to offer you? 

#1 - Great landscape design to meet your goals 

Every great landscaping project starts with a design and plan. Sometimes you have inspiration and know what you want. Sometimes you just know things need to change but need some help pulling a plan together. So whether you have plans or need help with plans, we will make your goals our goals. 

We will first lay out a plan and complete the design of your landscape before we start moving ground or vegetation. This is a collaboration with between you and our team. Pick and choose what you want with expert guidance and insight. 

#2 - Confidence in execution 

Our Memphis landscapers give you all the confidence you need to know your landscape will be beautiful and worth bragging about. That's what we want - a landscape you're proud of and others will admire. When you hire professional Memphis landscapers, you're getting the confidence you need, instead of hiring a random fellow who offered you the cheapest price. 

#3 - Fixes to your landscape problems 

Some lawns don't drain properly. Some vegetation doesn't fit. Whatever problem you're experiencing, we'll tackle it within the scope of the landscaping project. Not only will you have something beautiful to show off, but we'll solve drainage problems so you don't experience headaches. 

#4 - Constant communication about your landscape project

Let's be honest - most contractors don't communicate well. Once a project is signed off on, you may not hear much beyond the first day of the project. That's not right. One of our promises is to communicate with you throughout the entire process. We will provide progress updates and let you know how your landscape is progressing. Sure, you could hire other Memphis landscapers, but we promise to not only deliver something beautiful - we also promise to communicate with you because you deserve it. 

Watch Our Memphis Landscapers In Action: 

Q&A with our Landscapers

Q: How long does landscape design take? 

A: Depending on the complexity of the project, most landscape designs can be completed within one to two weeks. Once all designs are approved, we will schedule the landscaping work and our crews will begin to work. 

Q: Can I get an estimate over the phone? 

A: To get an accurate estimation we really need all of the details, which is why we encourage our free consultation as the starting point. This allows us to collect everything we need to understand your landscape needs and the extent of the project. Then we can provide a proposal that is accurate. Some Memphis landscapers might provide a quick estimation over the phone, but it's not an accurate price you can expect to pay (which sets incorrect expectations). 

Q: Can we complete our landscape in phases? 

A: This really depends on the amount of work you need. Our crews require a minimum amount of work per project - if we can split a large project into a few phases then we will work with you to make it happen. However, smaller projects cannot be split into phases. Please ask our Memphis landscapers about this during your consultation if you need to split into phases and we will try our best to accomodate you.