PVC Drainage Pipes

Flex or PVC Drainage Pipes

You may notice black pipes connected to downspouts, extending in a yard. These pipes are called flex drainage pipes and are a great way to manage drainage from your gutters to your yard and then away from your lawn. These pipes come in handy because they are flexible and you can adjust the path of water drainage. Depending on how your yard is graded, you can use a flex drain pipe to push water out and down the grade.  Using flex or PVC drainage pipes has many benefits.

Benefits of Using Flexible PVC Drainage Pipes

Easier to install

The light weight and versatility of PVC pipes allows for easy and quick installation. Drainage issues can be very damaging to your house and landscaping, so coming up with a solution that allows you to correct the issue quickly is key. Flexible PVC pipes allow for a quick solution to your drainage problems.

Lets you set pipes at the proper slope

Positioning drainage pipes at the proper slope is very important. If you don’t have the correct angles, water can pool or even back up, causing damage to your property. They also tend to stay in place more than other types of piping, reducing the need for repairs or replacing the moved pipes.

Lower in cost

This benefit is self explanatory. By using PVC pipes for your project, you can see significant savings over the lifetime of your pipes. Not only will your installation cost be lower, you will spend less over time through reduced maintenance due to their functionality and durability.


Gone are the days of using heavy piping. Flex, or PVC, drainage pipes are incredibly lightweight. This means that more can be transported at a time, and less bodies are needed for installation.


PVC drainage pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride. Plasticisers are added to make it flexible. Because of the flexibility, it can withstand natural settlements without cracking or bursting. This is particularly important if you run your pipes underground to carry water away from your house. This flexibility also makes it easy to install and easy to direct water the way you want it to go.

Versatile for Design

Irrigation and landscaping professionals have a lot of freedom in design when using flex or PVC pipes for drainage. They are able to incorporate the pipes into their design without them being an eyesore. This allows you to create a beautiful landscape while also being able to push the unwanted water away from your house.

Mid-South Irrigation

Mid-South Irrigation can help provide a great drainage solution by surveying your lawn and then installing flex drain pipes accordingly. Using our survey, we’ll know exactly where to put flex pipes and how to eliminate drainage issues on your lawn. Get your project started today by getting a free quote. We look forward to helping you solve your drainage problem!

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