Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls in Memphis

Believe it or not, retaining walls are everywhere, but the chances that you took notice of them are slim to none.  Typically our clients don’t consider a retaining wall until they discover that they need one.  There are several reasons to consider having a retaining wall built for your property, but more importantly, it’s important to know when to have one built.

Why You Should Build A Retaining Wall

There are many home improvements that passionate DIYers can take on themselves.  However, a retaining wall is definitely not something that a weekend warrior should take on.  Certain aspects of installing a retaining wall require specialized equipment and knowledge that will ultimately affect the finished product and your property.  However, there are many reasons to consider having a retaining wall installed.

Prevent Flooding or Erosion

Depending on where you live in the mid-south, you’re probably familiar with at least minor flooding or erosion.  If your property sits at the bottom of a hill or you have difficulty with standing water or light flooding during even light rain, you might consider building a retaining wall on your property.  Retaining walls slow the flow of rain and can even help redirect it so it doesn’t destroy your grass or carve out natural trenches that can lead to standing water sitting up against your home.  Issues like this can be unsightly and create breeding grounds for pests like mosquitos or mold and fungus.

Our expert landscapers can help you determine the size, positioning, and slope of a retaining wall to help alleviate these problems.

Create Useable Land

Retaining walls are used all over the world and have been built for thousands of years to create land fit for growing and tending, even on a massive scale.  In your yard, a retaining wall does the same thing.  It creates flat, easily maintainable land where you can plant flowers, grass, and more.  Retaining walls can even make your yard safer by eliminating steep inclines and providing access to areas that are otherwise inaccessible.

Create Unique Gardens

At Mid South Irrigation, we love a beautiful garden just about more than anything.  Blooming flowers and shrubbery go a long way in beautifying a property.  By creating usable land, we also create the opportunity to cultivate lovely tiered gardens.  Garden boxes, planters, and other features bring shape to your yard and add curb appeal.

Extra Seating

Retaining walls can be built at almost any height, giving homeowners the opportunity to add extra outdoor seating to just about any area of their yard.  Concrete or natural stone benches are easy to maintain and are very durable.  Additionally, you can create a tiered seating effect, great for parties and other backyard gatherings.

Increase Property Value

A well-maintained and nicely landscaped house always adds to the value when it comes time to sell.  When you take the time and resources to add retaining walls to your property, it instills confidence in potential buyers.  Your yard is the first thing most buyers will notice when they come to visit.  Let your yard reflect the kind of great details they can expect to find inside

Common Materials

Retaining walls can be made out of a variety of materials to match your personal aesthetic needs, and as a rule, many walls are made out of multiple materials not only for form but also function.

Common materials used for retaining walls include:

  • Timber
  • Natural Stone
  • Poured concrete

Our expert landscape designers will design a custom rendering just for you so that you can see what your new retaining wall will look like before you commit.

Leave It To The Professionals

Mid-South Irrigation & Landscape has been helping our clients grow their lawns and gardens, and shape their yards for many years.  We have experience with Memphis weather as well as with mid-south topography.  That means you can hire with confidence knowing that hundreds of clients trust us for their landscaping and irrigation needs.  To learn more about what we can do for your yard, schedule a free consultation today!

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