Looking to sod your front or backyard?

Mid South Irrigation and Landscape does sod installation the right way. Our employees are trained and experienced. We also have the proper equipment to make it happen. We install Bermuda, Zoysia, and Fescue Sod. Our trained salesman will determine what type of sod you will need based on the sunlight your property receives. 

Types of Sod

Which type of sod is right for your Memphis landscape? If you’re not sure, let’s take a quick look at the three we offer: 

-Bermuda grass: this is a quick and aggressive grower. It’s strong against weeds and drought-like conditions. While it is a quick grower, it can easily invade areas you don’t want it to, such as flower beds or cracks in pavement. If you’re looking to get grass going and fast, Bermuda is a perfect fit for your Memphis lawn. 

-Fescue grass: this grass performs well within extremes of hot and cold. Here in Memphis we have hot summers and some cold winter days, more so than areas like Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, which makes fescue a good fit for those transitions in climate. Fescue is known to be drought and shade tolerant. This is great if a majority of your landscape is shaded by trees. 

-Zoysia grass: this grass is like a luxury grade due to the amount of care it requires. Zoysia performs best in sunny and well-drained landscapes. If cared for properly, it yields a lush and wonderful lawn. Zoysia flourishes in warm climates. Memphis is one of the last stops headed north that you will see Zoysia because it doesn't work well in harsher winter conditions. 

View some of our work:

Prep & Grading

The absolute most important factor before installing sod is the grading and prep work. We have the proper equipment to grade and prep your property correctly. We will grade accordingly to ensure that there are no drainage issues.

After our experienced and educated crew completes the grading and prep work, we will lay the new sod. It will look like a carpet when we are finished. No humps, ruts, uneven grading, or low areas. Call us today.

What To Consider During Sod Installation

We all enjoy pristine lawns. We all admire them as we drive or walk around town. Beautiful grass makes a lawn look terrific. The way sod is installed is crucial to the beauty of a lawn. But before we select the best sod, there are several considerations we must give attention.

1. Amount of sunlight

It’s important that we survey the amount of sunlight your lawn actually receives. This helps us determine the type and variety of grass you need. If no one ever surveys for sunlight, then you could end up with beautiful grass at first, but quickly withers away because it wasn’t the right fit for your conditions.

2. Current drainage conditions

We need to survey drainage on your current yard. If your yard has drainage problems, then we need to know where. This is something we need to correct before we lay fresh sod. Why? Because a beautiful lawn can’t remain beautiful if it has drainage problems. Eventually, pooling water will damage your lawn and other vegetation, making it over saturated. We need to grade the landscape accordingly or install a proper drainage system. If not, then you will have nice sod for a few months and then you’ll experience issues and your yard won’t be pristine anymore.

3. Removing old grass and prepping soil

A beautiful yard with new sod also begins with a healthy root system. This means out with the old and in with the new. We must get rid of the old grass, break up the soil, kill weeds and remove debris so that we have a fresh landscape to work with. This isn’t glamorous by any means, but this prepares your lawn for beauty. Getting your soil ready will lend itself to beautiful grass year after year.

4. Soil improvement

A soil test needs to be conducted in order to understand what your soil may need. In some cases, the pH may need to be higher or lower. So based on the soil test, we can determine what needs to be added to the soil to make it healthier and to be prepared for new sod.

5. Selecting the right sod

When it comes down to selecting the right sod, there are several considerations we must pay attention to. At this point, having gone through the steps above, we have a great picture of what your landscape is like and what will fit perfectly. Each of the above factors will go into our decision: sunlight, drainage, soil and climate. We must also consider the use of your yard. Will it be for children to play on? Will there be a lot of foot traffic? This will help us select a the correct durability.

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